Aluminium Scaffolding

Gold Coast Scaffolding use locally made Aluminium Scaffold, engineered for durability because you need to rely on a safe and efficient temporary structure for your trades to work from.

Being light weight and able to carry up 450 kg’s makes our aluminium scaffolding the perfect solution for all of your building needs and in doing so saving you money in hefty labour costs.

Our Aluminium Scaffolding is strong enough and durable enough for the toughest of trades so you can safely complete your project on time.  Light enough and strong enough to be able to placed on to building structures without  damage.

Perfect For All Applications.

Our specialised Ladder spanning system is perfect for all applications from Industrial, Commercial, General building works and Home maintenance.

Gold Coast Scaffolding have Aluminium span platforms available. These Platforms can span large areas with ease giving you  the perfect solution for hard to reach areas.

At Gold Coast Scaffolding we always have the solution you need.