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How much does scaffolding cost?

Scaffolding prices are very difficult to estimate correctly which is why we have experienced staff with many years of experience in not only scaffolding but in varies building trades as well

  • Debbie has a house in Tugun on a very steep block and needed to repaint the house and repair the gutters, She had been holding off because she had heard that scaffolding was very expensive and she had some Quotes from other companies that scared her off but after hearing of us through a friend we came out to assess the job and came up with a plan and price that was within her budget The scaffolding took 1 Day to erect the painting took only 8 days then we took the scaffolding down the following day she was very pleased with everything and now has a house that looks brand new again with no leaking gutters

A Representative can come to site to assess your needs or a plan of the works to be done can be sent to goldcoastscaffolding@gmail.com and we can design a scaffold that will match the work being done for all trades  at the cheapest price possible   

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